More than just high ground, the chain of grassy hill-like sites that glitter like jewels around 350 miles of Mississippi’s US Highway 61 are truly hallowed ground. Once the ceremonial centerpieces of thriving communities of prehistoric peoples, these mounds are living memories of societies that shaped our continent.

The Mississippi Mound Trail provides modern-day travelers a veritable route back in time, to an era that began 2,000 years ago. With some of the densest concentrations of prehistoric archaeological sites of any state, Mississippi has more than 30 earthen mounds. Each mound on the trail, along with an informational marker, can be viewed from a public roadway, and some beckon visitors closer to learn more about their original purposes, from burial sites and temple foundations to residences for great leaders.

Don’t miss the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians in Natchez, considered the “Fatherland site” and home to a reconstructed Indian dwelling and a museum filled with artifacts excavated from its three mounds, and the Winterville site complex north of Greenville, where flat-topped rectangular mounds are arranged on a 43-acre plaza and a museum sheds light on this mysterious part of Mississippi’s past.

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