At first, their sounds were only heard by a few—these early explorers of an all-new way of conveying emotion through sorrowful songs and hopeful harmonies. Their musical magic grew louder until it took root around the world. Today, the unique melodies that formed the origins of the blues genre in the Mississippi Delta influenced an abundance of other musical styles, such as country, rap, bluegrass and pop.

Hop on the Mississippi Blues Trail to get a taste of the sights and sounds that inspired the blues’ best artists. Trail markers illuminate the genre’s incredible history. Beginning near the Delta city of Cleveland at Dockery Farms, home to blues pioneer Charley Patton which may have been the actual origin of this all-American musical style. With the Mississippi Blues Trail mobile app, you can create your own itinerary with turn-by-turn directions to hotspots like the Clarksdale crossroads, where legend has it that Robert Johnson traded his soul to the devil for his unmatched guitar prowess. You’ll also find the birthplace of B.B. King near Itta Bena, the historic and still-operating juke joint known as the Blue Front Café in Bentonia, and a host of other authentic blues destinations in the Delta and around the state.


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